Jul 25 2020 - Jul 26 2020


1:30 pm - 5:30 pm


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July 25th and 26th Online Intensive course: Mindfulness-Based Emotional Balance – MBEB with Margaret Cullen and Gonzalo Brito

What is Mindfulness and Emotional Balance? 

The Mindfulness-Based Emotional Balance program (MBEB) integrates emotional regulation skills and constructive/generative practices (such as compassion, love and forgiveness meditations) with the basic curriculum of the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) program. The program was developed by the North American psychologist Margaret Cullen, synthesizing her experience of two decades teaching Mindfulness-Based Interventions (MBI) and her work with the emotion’s expert, Paul Ekman. Recently, Margaret Cullen e Gonzalo Brito wrote the book “The Mindfulness-Based Emotional Balance Workbook: An Eight-Week Program for Improved Emotion Regulation and Resilience” which presents the main themes and practices of this program. 

The two axes of this program are the practice of mindfulness and the tools derived from the theory and science of emotions. Both elements are combined in this program to increase awareness of our affective universe, improve our emotional health and increase our ability to recover from internal and external difficulties, that is, to develop resilience.

This intensive course will integrate mindfulness practice, emotion’s theory and constructive/generative practices (such as compassion and forgiveness meditations) to experientially explore a healthy way of relating with our emotions.  We will pay special attention to the cultivation of forgiveness and anger management, topics that are not much explored in other MBIs.  

This course was designed to mindfulness teachers, psychologists and clinicians who want to integrate these elements to their professional practice and to mindfulness practitioners who want to deepen their practice. 

The course will have consecutive translation.

Date: July 25th and 26th
Time: 1:30 PM to 5:30 PM (Brazilian Time) Please check your timezone here:
Local – Online e Ao vivo.
Target Public: Mindfulness teachers, clinicians and mindfulness practitioners who want to deepen their practice

Meet the teachers:

Margaret Cullen

Margaret Cullen is a psychotherapist and one of the 10 first certified teachers in the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR). For more than 20 years Margaret has been a pioneer in the creation of secular contemplative programs to a great variety of groups. In 2013 she developed a mindfulness and compassion program for military spouses (MBAT- Spouse). In 2015 Margaret co-authored the book Mindfulness-Based Emotional Balance (MBEB), and evidence-based program implemented in many regions and universities across the United States and Canada. She also delineated and co-led teacher trainings of the MBAT-Spouse and MBEB.

In 2010, she was invited by Thupten Jinpa to contribute with the development of the Compassion Cultivation Training-CCT, initially through the Center for Compassion, Altruism, Research and Education at the Stanford School of Medicine (CCARE) and currently as a co-founder of Compassion Institute. Margaret is a meditator for more than 35 years, having participated of dozens of intensive retreats from 10 days to 3 months of duration and extensively writes about mindfulness in different contexts. 

Gonzalo Brito

Gonzalo Brito is a clinical psychologist graduated from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and PhD. in Psychology from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, Estados Unidos. Studied in the Compassion, Altruism, Research and Education at the Stanford School of Medicine (CCARE), and currently is the diretor of the International Teacher Training of the Compassion Cultivation Training (CCT) for Spanish speaking countries in collaboration with the Instituto Nirakara and the Compassion Institute. Gonzalo is certified in a postgraduate degree held at Derby University, UK, in Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT), under the supervision of professor Paul Gilbert. He is a co-author of the books «Presencia Plena» and «Mindfulness-Based Emotional Balance». His website, created in 2012, is a reference in content and resources related to compassion. 

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